“FOR THE PEOPLE” ISO Tincture ZERO THC 10,000mg

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These are our tinctures made specifically for people worried about drug tests, using 99.5+% pure CBD isolate with absolutely no THC. Look for the “ND” (not detected) next to Δ9THC in the certificate of analysis.

-8.34mg per droplet 

-166mg per ml

-1,200 Droplets per container 


Ingredients: 10,000mg pure. US grown hemp-legal cannabis isolate. US grown cannabinoid-rich MCT oil derived from certified organic coconuts. Flavored only with raw (Orange) (Lemon) (Peppermint) extract TERPENE LABEL: Strain specific terpene profiles. 

Lab Test Results: https://cbdforthepeople.com/labresults/