Bailey's Full Spectrum Hemp Oil For Dogs 2:1 w/ 900MG Naturally Occurring CBD & CBG (NEW!)

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    • 3rd Party Lab Tested
    • All Natural
    • Artisanal Quality
    • Brand New Product!
    • Hand Harvested Hemp
    • Perfect For Older Dogs
    • Perfect For Terminally Ill Dogs
    • Safe & Non-Intoxicating
    • Small Farm Sourced
    • Veterinarian Formulated For Dogs
  • Has your dog been using CBD for awhile, and have you found that they require more than the average pup? Or perhaps your dog is getting older, or has a debilitating or terminally ill condition?

    Well Bailey's +Extra Strength tincture provides 900MG of plant-based cannabinoids in a 2:1 CBD:CBG Full Spectrum Hemp Oil profile, which may be the ideal product for your pup in need! 

    By retaining a whole-plant profile, our 2:1 CBD to CBG formulation contains a wide array of hemp-based cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids allowing for the "Entourage Effect" to occur, in which all of the naturally occurring whole-plant properties work in synergy with each other to provide optimal therapeutic value. 

    CBD & CBG are both non-intoxicating, and work together as naturally occurring hemp-based adaptogens, promoting "homeostasis" or balance, at a systemic level. This provides the perfect environment for our pets to live healthy, age gracefully & feel more complete. 

    It has been shown that CBG may be potentially beneficial for pets with neurological diseases, skin disorders or infections, chronic pain, bone repair, high blood pressure, inflammation, and so much more.

    To learn more about the benefits of CBG for pets, see our blog here.

    • 30MG plant-based cannabinoids per ML dropper
    • 900MG plant-based cannabinoids per bottle
    • 2:1 CBD to CBG full spectrum hemp oil profile

    This product is in a 30ML, 1oz bottle, and contains approximately 600 individual drops.

    Made using whole plant subcritical co2 extracted hemp extract.