What is CBD? The benefits and how to use it

What is CBD? What are the benefits and how to use it.

Over the last 40 years, the need for natural alternatives to the traditional western medical practices have become a common interest. People all over the world are becoming more aware of the kinds of side effects and addictions that can come from the continual use of specific medications, particularly those that have been manufactured for the purpose of reducing pain. 

Large companies that manufacture these drugs have pushed back against these inquiries, but the news is out, and the public has found a new way to treat itself. CBD oil is growing in popularity by the day, and as laws become looser in regard to the cultivation of the plant that it comes from, the increased availability will eventually make CBD oils a household product, but what can it do to help you? The following pages will be dedicated to exploring many of the great uses and benefits of CBD oil.

A Little Info on CBD Oil

In recent years, researchers have discovered that Cannabidiol has some useful effects, but the viewpoint of the public and government agencies place some hefty restrictions on what can be done with it, and that is largely due to its source, which is a plant called hemp. CBD and hemp and different in that they lack the psychoactive properties that are found in THC.


The CBD is extracted from the plant matter and placed into a carrier oil that can be used to deliver its benefits. The potency and appearance may differ widely due to the various formulas and amounts used by different companies, and unlike it’s close relative that is normally bred to have higher amounts of THC, the plants that produce CBD are grown the way they occur in nature.


Ways That You Can Use CBD Oil

As you do research on CBD oil, you’ll be surprised to find that it has a surprisingly versatile set of uses, each person can probably find a different way to make CBD a useful addition to their lives.

 cbd pain benefits

1. It Is Effective at Reducing Pain

Pain can be an extremely distracting and unpleasant thing for anyone. If you have a day of tasks ahead of you, trying to get things completes could end up wearing you out very quickly. When most people encounter moments like these, they may reach for a pain reliever of some sort so that they can go on with their day, but some of these over the counter pills can have nasty consequences for some people.

Some people might even experience something as unpleasant as stomach bleeding. As dramatic as that may be, people with such reactions to those types of drugs can be happy that CBD oil offers some pain relief that they can count on without the threat damaging sensitive parts of their gut. 

2. You Can Reduce Inflammation

Medication that treats inflammation is relatively common, but studies have proven that CBD is able to help you to bring down various forms of inflammation in the body. This is very important because many problems in the body stem from types of inflammation. Diseases that fall into the category of possible benefits include asthma, cause inflammation in the lungs is generally what cause the most discomfort for the patient. 

3. CBD is Great for MS Symptoms

Multiple Sclerosis is a debilitating disease that can limit what a person can do and completely change their quality of life. Many of the effects on their lives can make dealing with the disease a time consuming endeavor, but the introduction of CBD oil has shown some encouraging results. Most of the patients responded well with little or no side effects at all, with only 3% reporting any negative effects.

This is made possible by the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD. Some have reported that things like muscle stiffness, general pain, and even pelvic muscles benefit greatly from taking the CBD oil. Testing will be moving forward in the near future to see how far these positive effects can go.


4. It Can Help with Schizophrenic Episodes

Although this is a promising discovery, the ways in which CBD interacts with the mind of a person suffering from schizophrenia are currently unknown. The positive end of it however is that the people who have been treated with CBD oil has experienced far less side effects than when they were supplied with pharmaceutical methods of controlling brain chemistry. 


5. It Has A Positive Effect on Epilepsy

Epilepsy will typically cause seizures in those that suffer from the disease. Some of the most vulnerable sufferers of the disease tend to be children. Drugs can be expensive, and for some, many of the drugs created to treat epilepsy can lose their effectiveness as they develop a tolerance to the drugs. For those in this category, there is an exciting amount of testing being done among the younger people living with this disruptive disease.

Roughly 7 out of 8 children given the CBD oil were reported to have reduced their seizures by 50% or more. They even discovered that they experienced less sleep disruptions, and mood. The few that did report side effects were mostly experiencing some drowsiness which could be due to their individual makeup.


CBD and Aptetite

6. You Can Reduce Your Appetite

If you are someone with a condition that requires you to take harsh medicines that change the way your gut feels, then this could be of particular interest to you. When CBD binds to cannabinoid receptors in the body, it induces appetite. For the last 10 years medicine has acknowledged the importance of having proper sustenance for a healthy recovery.

Making the THC varieties of cannabis available to those patients had a profound effect on their quality of life, many of them finding it difficult to find the desire to eat. CBD differs a bit from the other cannabis plants, but CBD has also been found to effective at increasing the appetite. CBD can also reduce sensitivity to some foods in some people. Many people are finding CBD as a way to be able to enjoy food that would normal make them feel unwell.


7. It Helps to Stops Nausea Quickly

Lots of people will encounter a time in their life when their stomach experiences unpleasant feeling in the form of nausea. This can be triggered by a variety of stimuli like swaying motion in a moving vehicle like a car or boat, or they can be a sign of food poisoning, but studies have proven that CBD is extremely effective in the fight against nausea.

Doses of CBD should be closely monitored when being used for this purpose, because the studies have also remarked that doses of the CBD that are too high can actually produce a vomiting and nausea response in most people.


8. It Can Help Some People With IBD

Inflammation in the intestines can be a really unpleasant thing. People who have to deal with this inconvenient disease are prone to having to go to the bathroom multiple times in a day when it flares up, and the discomfort can make every trip an urgent matter. Fortunately, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil can help to reduce some of the symptoms associated with the condition.

The process that produces the effect hasn't been completely proven, but scientists believe that it could be that something in the CBD interacts with the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma.


9. Positive Effects for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Mad cow disease is a frightening neurodegenerative disease where protein particles called prions form in parts of the brain, while some cells are simply killed. This invasion of the brain causes it to malfunction. Partially because the proin plaques make it harder for the brain to function, and also because some cells killed by the disease serve important functions.

According to researchers, CBD oil has the ability to shield the brain from some of the dangerous effects of mad cow disease. Though still in the early stages and the test mice still died, the researchers were able to extend the life of the mice, and have been able to study at least one of the major contributions to death caused by the disease.


10. CBD is Great for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis can make life difficult. This is especially true of young people who have to face the pain on a daily basis. The swelling and pain connected with Rheumatoid Arthritis can make it difficult for someone to drive a car, write, and play an instrument. Drugs for pain are full of dangerous side effects, and tend to create addiction in the people who take them for any sustained period. CBD has been found to reduce both swelling and pain.


The physical nature of the pain is one of the most pressing of issues for people that suffer from the disease, but teams of scientist have discovered that much of the effectiveness of CBD has to do with its ability to actually affect the body by reducing the swelling. This protect joints from wearing out precious cartilage, and reduce the pain response in the body. This means better health because they will experience better, more restful sleep.

11. It Helps Fight Insomnia

There are a lot of people who struggle with getting restful sleep. When people spend hours lying awake at night just to pass out for 3 or 4 hours and have to wake up to the expectations of work, children, the public, and various stresses, they can become depressed, anxious, or irritable.

 Studies involving CBD have all remarked about the CBD oil’s effectiveness at creating drowsiness. Most people tested were okay with the effects of the CBD and reported that they were able to get to sleep more quickly and sustain sleep for longer, uninterrupted periods.


12. You Can Relax a Little Easier

Today, anxiety disorders are some of the leading conditions that people report to their health practitioners. When they speak to their doctor, the result will almost always include some form of pill intended to help the person remain in control of their reactions to stimuli. Many of these drugs have wildly unintended side effects that can result in anything from reduction of sex drive to sleepwalking.


The addition of CBD oil can induce a feeling of calm and well-being. Some people have reported an increase in appetite, but that is a long way from the dangers of sleepwalking or intense withdrawal from any of those types of drugs. People who take them for years may even experience brain shock and tremors, so a little hunger is likely to be preferable to most people.


13. It Helps Manage Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes can be dangerous for some people if it’s left unchecked. Changes in your blood chemistry can be disastrous, and cause all sorts of problems brought on by malfunctioning organs. It has been previously believed that nothing can be done for those who suffer with the type 1 version of this disease, but it’s recently been uncovered that if treated in the early stages of the disease, negative effects can be lessened quite a bit.

 When doctors administer CBD oil to early sufferers of the disease, it limited the destruction of import cells in the pancreas that help produce and regulate insulin. This could mean that a massive step toward prevention of the disease has been made, but further study is needed to establish how this kind of treatments can be used, and when their most effective points in time might be.