What is CBD and will i get high?
CBD stands for Cannabidoil, it is the second most prevalent active ingredient of cannabis (marijuana). It is derived directly from the hemp plant and does NOT cause a "high" or psychoactive effects. To date, there is zero evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of 100% pure CBD.
What does CBD help with?
Mental & Brain Health, Autoimmune Disease, Digestive Issues, Skin Issues, Cardiometabolic Health, Sports Performance, Recovery Wellbeing, Lifestyle Adjustments, and Pet Health
When should i expect my product?
Majority of orders take 2-3 business days. As we are national and now with COVID regulations set in place, delivery date may vary according to your county and state.
Where can I set up pick- up service? 
if you desire to pick- up your product, please email cbdhsoultions@gmail.com for further instructions.
Can I return my items if I am unsatisfied?
returns can be requested within 30 days from arrival by emailing cbdhsolutions@gmail.com. All product must be in sellable conditions and proof of purchase is required. If unsatisfied with a product, please submit your concern to the same email. 
How long does it take to get my refund? 
All refunds vary due to card issuer and typically takes 3-10 business days.